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Founded in 1964 as an individual company by Attanasio, the company was transformed in 2010 in the current Autotrasportiattanasio Srl, becoming in a short time a major partner of international companies.
In recent years, the process of sensitization about the management and movement of goods allowed Autotrasportiattanasio to pay more attention to logistical and ecological sector: currently the company can do national and international transport activities.

Men At Work

company transport logistics trucking attanasio Italy Europe


The work of Autotrasportiattanasio mainly focuses on the transport of goods in southern Italy, small quantities of material also, with destination in the CEE countries.

company transport logistics trucking attanasio Italy Europe


Primary goal is customer satisfaction and every need without overlooking the safety and professional training of our employees and consultants.

company transport logistics trucking attanasio Italy Europe


The reliability demonstrated in more than 50 years of work has made us capable to gain experience, competitiveness and also to includ major companies and demanding clients, both on the local and national scale.

company transport logistics trucking attanasio Italy Europe


Our company pays great attention to the correct management of quality, respecting both the environment and road safety, increasing the safety in the workplace.

  • Autotrasporti Attanasio Mezzi Aziendali
  • Autotrasporti Attanasio Mezzi Aziendali
  • Autotrasporti Attanasio Mezzi Aziendali


The legal and operational office is located in Sarno industrial complex in the heart of Campania an area of about one thousand square meters.

A thousand road miles begins with the first step always. - (Lao Tzu)

OFFERED SERVICES Guaranteed by extensive experience in more than 50 years and stable organization, your company can trust.

The services are designed to support customers who require shipments of small quantities to a variety of destinations. The benefit is a flexible performance in quantity, ways and delivery times.

MISSIONOur mission is based on the precision and you goods care.

Our mission is meet the industry needs. Through customer satisfaction we build value and resources.
Our company can manage and meet all the customer needs offering impeccable services, fast and cost-effective.

NATIONAL TRANSPORTWe are a young, dynamic, energetic and innovative company.

We assure daily outreach services delivery and pick up your goods throughout Italy.

QUALITY AND SAFETY Our company pays great attention to the proper quality management and increase safety in the workplace.

The trust demonstrated in more than 50 years of service has enabled us to gain experience, competitiveness and punctuality so we have customers of major demanding companies, locally and nationally.
Primary goal is customer satisfaction and all every they need without overlooking the safety and professionality of our employees and consultants.


  • "Autotrasporti Attanasio never stop.
    Always ready to explore new avenues, but sure of the objectives towards which it is directed, here's the real breakthrough of a company that never stands still, for over fifty years."

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio

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  • Speed, reliability and competence.
    These are the qualities that make Autotrasportiattanasio ideal for logistic and transport services of various kinds. For many years, we rely on Autotrasportiattanasio for experiencing logistical performance in the quotations immediacy, timeliness in respect of the anticipated timing and readiness to suggest decisive solutions to all problems related to transport and logistics.
    We can only prove extremely pleased with the service of Autotrasportiattanasio always manages to secure and improve, as increasingly demanding requirements that the current market requires.

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  • In one area, I would say "chaotic" as those of road transport and logistics, Autotrasportiattanasio is the ideal partner to reach the finish every business dreams, it is to reach of business targets and the efficiency of their seeds.
    The solutions proposed by Autotrasportiattanasio reveal a tool that quickly becomes indispensable for those who expect professionalism and competence from their staff and vendors.

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • I thank the Autotrasportiattanasio and his entire staff for the speed and professionalism with which the transport of my merchandise was done.
    Thanks to their fast but thorough job, to their advice and suggestions on how to proceed in the preparation of all our material and the confidence that we could put in them, it was not possible to lose work time and production from me and all my co-workers.
    happily we recommend to all those who have to carry out a transport to contact the Autotrasportiattanasio where they will find not only all the necessary service but also courtesy, availability and competence of which you can not do without.

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • "Good team! Thanks so much for your terrific job."

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • "I wanted to thank you all for a job well done. I want to congratulate the team intervened on the spot for their professionalism and friendliness."

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • "The organization and the performance of the carriage were impeccable, your workmen are very careful and the program has been fully respected. We will recommend your services."

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • "Competent and courteous. Everything perfect material. Great team, motivated, helpful, polite. I am really very happy with your performance."

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service that your company gave me. Everything has been treated with the utmost care and professionalism. Most certainly recommend your company to anyone who will need a transport service and I shall ask your help for future shipping and transportation. "

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio
  • "We wish to express our congratulations and our congratulations for the great professionalism, capability and skills of your employees who carried out the carriage perfectly with utmost warmth and kindness."

    testimonianza autotrasporti attanasio